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實習工程師心得分享 - Maxwell

By Maxwell・5月 15 2017・其他消息
實習工程師心得分享 - Maxwell

My Experience During 5xRuby Internship

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching

After two months of the internship in 5xRuby, there are many details I want to address but overall, for me, it matters a lot how you tried to learn by yourself, proactively collaborating in projects and participating in several company events.


I remember when the start of the journey, our boss shared the video to us which is a small talk presented by Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and inspiring public speaker. The speaker strongly emphasized the importance of the social networking rather than how much you will learn during the internship.

我還記得在剛進入實習時,我們的老闆跟我們分享了一則由一位鼓舞人心的公開演講者 Gary Vaynerchuk 主講的小影片。他強調了建立起人際關係的重要性,而並不是在實習期間所學習到的事物的多寡與內容。

This influenced my attitude toward the internship. Especially when participating the events held by 5xRuby, interacting with different people with different skills and backgrounds not only expand my social network but also makes my internship experience more interesting.


Collaboration in Rails project is another eye-opening experience during the internship. Initially I only have a basic knowledge to build a fundamental Rails web application. However, it doesn’t matter how you really know how to build an application (but at least you have experienced it), what I’ve learned the most is the flow of developing the project and discussing about the details and speculations when creating new features, which the experience can hardly obtained by self-learning.

不過,合作 Rails 專案也是另一個實習期間令我大開眼界的經驗。我原本以為我可以慢慢得從基本對於 Rails App 開發的經驗慢慢開始延伸。然而,這並不代表單純只靠技術層面就可以開發出一個好的網頁應用程式(當然,至少會先知道大概怎麼開發),我學習到最多的地方是開發專案的流程應用以及深入討論整體專案的細節與規格,而這並不是靠自學才能得到的寶貴經驗。

At first, I used to think it is very, very easy to follow the project flow, solving issues by my own, but I was totally wrong. From constructing the speculations, programming, sending pull request and code review, some of the process for me seems to be complicated. Code reviewing makes me even more nervous because there are lots of blind spots due to maybe lack of programming experiences or carelessness.

剛開始,跟著專案的流程去操作,解決當前的問題,這讓我覺得非常簡單易懂,但是我完全錯了XD。從最基本的制定規格、coding、送 Pull Request 以及審核整個程式碼,某些流程對我來說會有一些困難,尤其在審核程式碼的過程更讓我煎熬,因為我從和專案成員審核下的結果還有一大堆需要改進的地方。專案開發過程中,我的盲點又或者是經驗不足(有時候還太粗心)頓時體現出來,不過也讓我學到很多教訓。

It was really frustrating at first, because I consumed a lot of time but achieve only a little or less. However, I continuously working on the project for about several weeks and it seems to me that I can handle more on different issues. Not only that I became clear to know what I am doing but also I learned more about project management. Learning by doing is the quickest way to get into situation and enhance my soft skills.

這讓我在專案剛起步時候會時常覺得自己花了大把時間,過往的努力練習卻在直接接專案時卻還有一大堆漏洞需要補足。然而,當我越深入整體專案的開發流程,我發現我好像還可以處理更多專案的一些開發議題。我不僅更加清楚自己目前所做的事情是什麼,也可以和 PM 討論更深有關於專案管理相關的項目。專案中做中學可以讓我快速地進入狀態並提升我自己的軟實力。

Internship in 5xRuby gives me not only the opportunities to enhance my skill sets but more importantly, I learned the most from people with different backgrounds and skills who shares their experiences.


Tell me and I forgot, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.

— Benjamin Franklin


— 班傑明・富蘭克林

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